Dear members of the University of Alabama Comparative Search Committee and Faculty,

Please find below the most updated versions of my working papers and publication:

My job market paper is, Ethnic Quotas and Maoist Violence: Field Evidence from India, this paper has been submitted to the search committee as a writing sample. This paper is currently under review at the American Political Science Review.

An additional paper which grew out of my dissertation is How Village Quotas Engender Mistrust: Experimental Evidence from India. This paper is currently under review at the American Journal of Political Science.

With a fellow PhD Student at NYU, Saad Gulzar, we have a new working paper - How Do Political Boundaries Shape Development? Evidence from India’s Employment Guarantee, which we plan to soon submit for publication. 

Outside of the Indian context, I have published a paper with Professors Michael Gilligan and Cyrus Samii at NYU, Civil War and Social Cohesion: Lab-in-the-Field Evidence from Nepal, in the American Journal of Political Science. 

In a paper currently under review at Journal of Politics, NYU PhD Candidate Omar Garcia-Ponce and I investigate how repression affects political attitudes in Zimbabwe in How Political Repression Shapes Attitudes Toward the State

Finally, in The Social Legacies of Violence Against Civilians After the Korean War, former NYU graduate students Ji Yeon Hong and Woo Chang Kang and I examine how the Korean War differentially stigmatized citizens shortly after the war and in ways that continue to the present.